I was born on March 31, 1953 in Los Chiles, Alajuela Costa Rica. My family consisted of eight children and my parents, Manuel and Maria. We said to be Catholic but actually we were not identified with any religion. 

The Lord freed me of demonic possession that dominated me, I baptize you with the Holy Spirit, his power is the same yesterday, today and forever. 

I was chained to alcoholisimo, because in my family there were many riots. My father, being vicious, used in the evenings gather family and spoke grades fortune and wealth, but the reality was that we had a mortgage at a bank so that after 4-5 years we desauciados our property. In other words the bank left us in the street. This caused division in our family, so we disintegrate, each seeking his own. From there I was unleashed in me a strong hatred against my father and I went to live on the street. From that day commence to curse my family as I wandered the streets without a home, slept anywhere, something diabolical gripped me, it was terrible, until the day that Jesus entered ea mi Corazon amid a revival in Costa Rica between 1974-1975. 

Living this sad and painful condition hearing voices that read me nobody loved me, that God does not exist. In fact I was imprisoned several times and when I asked about my family I was Huerfano stated that it had no one. "My family is the street." On one occasion a gang wanted to kill me, but God delivered me from many dangers. I have gone through unpleasant, sad moments of great pain. No because youth being inside the church wants to leave the world, let me tell you it was like a son of Señorlo are wickedness, hell, sin, hatred and bitterness, but good, powerful and pure is in the Lord, in serving God and His Word. 

I was a young rather thin, weighing only 90 pounds, but when the police would arrest me, four of them could not me, it was like a demonic force that came over me. Then began to bite, kick and grab me any column and there was me who depart from it. Suffered from fears of a terrible fear, slept with a machete under her pillow. He always had in my possession slashing weapons, so I fined but did not have to be paid. Clothing was a dirt shoes were just the top, and my feet touched the ground, it was a ragged and smelly. Many times I've fallen into the gutters of the streets and people said there is a drunk, but nobody gave me a hand to help. So many people in this condition nobody does anything about them. 

That was David Obando a drunkard, a pest. When I had no drink, to mix, I think I'll take kerosene. I think that mix alcohol with water and something else, take a very dangerous liquid and reach my almost death, so spend three days at a gas station without being able to get up. Just waiting for the moment that a car kill me or that dogs eat from me, people passed, but no one helped me. Then come to the conclusion that nobody loved me and everyone hated me. It is wonderful to know that someone loves you really stop to the need, that is Jesus Christ. 

But I was in my condition, I'm sure you it can not be imagined. Towards aaños did not know my family, although Costa Rica is not a very big country, knew nothing of them. Crossed the country from one end to another, of course asking them to take me or walking, sleeping in cemeteries, with dogs, vicious people, criminals and even murderers. 

Something miraculous had happened, my mother, after that desaucio had become Jesus Christ. It was precisely through the Re. Teodoro Marrero, puetorriqueño missionary, who arrived in a neighborhood of Costa Rica. That revival reached my mother and transformed his heart. My mom was being taught in the things of God. Every night of worship, my mom pedia prayer for me.

One day, he had a great run torros, I was with the second crisis. Tucked away in a dumpster with his head outside. The road passing by. After I finish the party, two men on horses went well arregladitos with some Bibles. One of them looked away and turned. I wonder how it was and began to talk of God. And I said, "Did you friend, that we are made in the image and likeness of God, but yet look where is the image of God." The words bother me. He said, "I wish God can save and deliver." 

A week later, I got up and ask where the church was. Arrive at the church one Sunday morning. The church was small but had a tremendous glory. I began to have a big battle. Oia a voice told me, "That place is not for you. The people are very arrelada. You're ugly and smelly. You have to grab the other way!" But I went ahead and dentre. Estava sitting there in worship. When I realized I was doing the wings called par visits. I stood up, and wanted to walk. But felt that my legs were like columns, and could not walk. And olli a voice began to say, "We gotta get out of here now! We can not prevalezer here." And I looked and there was nobody. So by pasitos by pasitos I was coming to the altar. 

When you get to the altar the pastor said, "Want to Christ?" And I said yes. And the pastor told me, "Christ is coming!" He told me to repeat the prayer. But repitia because oia voices were saying to me, "Do not repeat, will, huigamos, let's run, let's go already!" The pastor helped me make the sinner's prayer. Then he put his hand on my head and began to proclaim the Lord. I had my first vision. I saw the pastor's hand opened my head and metio. But when I realized the mana was down. The demons they said, "We will! We can not be here!" Salian nose and ears. Suddenly I saw the pastor's hand reaches my stomach and intestines. There was something like a black spot color, and hand grabbed him and took him out to be. When I hand went bust. But it was not the pastor's hand as I thought it was the hand of God. 

From that day until this day, and I no longer felt the desire of liqor. God does the work, the work and transforms. It depends on us if we keep it or not. At three months become the Lord baptized me with the Holy Spirit. At two p.m. Friday, the heavens opened and left hand and throw something. And I saw it was a ball that shone like gold, and when he came near transformed into a dove. And I was saying, "There vene a dove!" But I said in other languages. The Lord transformed my life! 

Pastor David Obando, is currently pastoring the Church of Plainfield New Jersey with his wife Martha Obando. He is also National officer of the United States Global Missionary Movement. The a state in the ministry evangelist 8, and 25 of pastor.