A MOTION. Is an effect movement. The great cause of this movement is the action of the Holy Spirit with his gifts and fruits operated by men and women, with a clear and comprehensive view of the need of Lost Souls, a renowned spirit of faith and sacrifice, and Clean testimony; that inviting the Great Missionary, our Lord Jesus Christ, denies any any material, personal, religious, denominational interest to grant the first and highest priority to the interest of fulfilling the great commission and world evangelization. 

It is MISSIONARY. Its objective is the promotion and expansion of missionary work, evangelism and the salvation of souls. 

It is WORLD. His vision and action is worldwide, "to the ends of the earth." 

At its core, the World Missionary Movement recognizes and adopts for all its activities, the biblical principles of brotherly love, spiritual unity, fellowship, mutual respect, cooperation, fellowship, fellowship and equality with the whole People of God. 

Its main offices reside in Puerto Rico. The Official Board of this institution consists of: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Members. Furthermore, the work consists of Supervisors Missionaries, National Supervisors and Representatives of the Mission, which names the Official Board. As an organization, the Board of Officers is the body that oversees and governs the principles, objectives and goals of the work. Domestic congregations and missionary works in different countries, built, maintained and organized directly under the auspices of the World Missionary Movement, will be under the direct responsibility of this organization. 

Its founder, the Rev. Luis M. Ortiz, together with the workers understood that God was uniting the vision God gave them. Vision: World for Christ. Born this work a work plan: Invading different Latin countries, holding evangelistic and church planting, Bible hold intensive workshops to train national workers, and establish new works. 

Thus, initially this work was "on the roads of America" and soon God fulfill His promise. Before long the work entered in virtually every country in Latin America. But the vision stated that God's plan was broader. As the work was extended to Europe and then worldwide. The prophetic vision has been fulfilled, nearly 50 years after its founding, the World Missionary Movement is working on all continents, in over 60 countries, with more than 6,000 congregations and clergy about 8,000 workers ... "by America's roads and around the world. " 

The World Missionary Movement is: 

A motion effects (the fruits), whose great cause is the Holy Spirit and imitating the great missionary, Jesus Christ, arises sow hope to hearts. 

  • It is a work of obedience.
  • It is a work of vision.
  • It is a missionary work.
  • It is a work of faith.
  • It is a work of sacrifice.
  • It is a work front.
  • It is an apostolic work.It is a prophetic work.
  • It is a piece of fruit.

About the fruits: 

  • Millions have heard the Gospel of the Kingdom.
  • Tens of thousands of people have been healed, saved and filled with the power of God.
  • Millions of treaties and Christian literature distribution.
  • Thousands of shrines and temples raised.
  • Hundreds of graduates Bible school.
  • Millions of dollars received and sent on this mission work for the salvation of souls.
  • A positive work of Christian maturity, biblical soundness, spiritual stability, sound doctrine, clean witness and eternal values defined concepts.
  • The World Missionary Movement works for eternity, and only in-eternity can learn all about the fruit. Praise God!

World Missionary Movement .... The mandate requires us is the Great Commission. The voice that calls us is the cry of souls. The truth that drives us is that the harvest is great. The vision that enlightens us are white fields. The need disturbs us is the few workers. The passion that moves us is the condition of souls. The reason that inspires us is the glory of God. The force that drives us is the Holy Spirit. The goal attracts us is the evangelization of the world. The cause that captivates us is the missionary work. The urgency that drives us is the shortness of time. The reality that encourages us is the abundant fruit. 

"Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy goes out weeping, bearing precious seed, shall come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him." Psalm 126: 5-6